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Amazon Sales Kongress Erfurt 2024

If you don’t’ll never know. We have summarized our visit to this year's ASK in Erfurt and are still looking forward to seeing customers and partners again!

SHORTAGE CLAIMS: avoid problems and maximize sales

Shortage claims occur when not as many units are delivered as promised in the ordering process. We have examined the effects of shortage claims on the margins of different vendors, get the results here.

Annual BAROS Christmas Party

Since we spend the whole year thinking about improvements in terms of price claims, chargebacks, CoOps and shortage claims we deserved to put our feet down and celebrate properly!

Amazon vendors lose up to 10% of their sales due to chargebacks and shortage claims!

If goods "disappear" on the way to the warehouse, are "overlooked" in the incoming goods department, or the goods were "actually" not shipped, Amazon promptly asserts invoice reductions through so-called shortage claims! So even if the goods have arrived at Amazon, in our experience, vendors can lose up to 10 percent of their sales through this process! The subsequent investigation of causes and the management of objections are usually complex and intransparent - and thus often fall by the wayside.

First Amazon Vendor Executive Roundtable

Thursday, November 30th, BAROS invited customers and friends to the first roundtable for Amazon Vendor Specialists & Executives. In a very relaxing atmosphere, 25 participants met for dinner and drinks in the wine cellar of the Mussumer Krug in Bocholt. In addition to food and drinks, there was a lot of discussion and exchange of ideas.

Help to reduce SIOC Chargebacks for Amazon Vendors

We have noticed that for the majority of our 1P Vendor customers, Chargebacks for SIOC (Shipping in Own Container / products received that have not been certified by Amazon’s Frustration-Free Certification Program) result in high costs. In many cases, this is the second-highest type of Chargeback cost incurred, typically behind PO On Time Accuracy.

Amazon Sales Congress 2023 - Top Event with Podcast Surprise

The Amazon Sales Congress (ASK) takes place semi-annually and is one of the most important conferences for Amazon vendors and sellers in the German-speaking region. This year, the entire event in Erfurt on March 22nd and 23rd, 2023 was themed "Effectively Steering Amazon, Increasing Efficiency, Optimizing Costs!" We, at BAROS, were there and had the opportunity to participate in two live sessions!

Simplified accounting for Amazon vendors

Missing invoices, overdue payments, unauthorized reductions. Anyone who works with Amazon Vendor Central probably knows it: Due to the unstructured presentation of the data and the automated processes run by Amazon, it is often not possible to compile the required data for a document flow. This is mainly due to the fact that information related to an order, e.g. payments, reductions (shortage claims), penalties (chargebacks) or credits are shown separately and summarized with other orders and payments.

Finally a professional vendor management!

With a high turnover of goods, it can quickly become confusing in accounting and controlling, because in our experience, Vendor Central does not place any particular focus on transparent processing of all information.This is exactly where our software comes in.

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